I loved this bright orange fabric…so Summery! I found this pattern on thestichingscientist. I had the ‘summer’ trim already from another trip to Chinatown. I wanted some orange buttons so I threw the dress in my bag on my next trip to Chinatown. I couldn’t find buttons I liked so I bought white snaps! Meanwhile I had an iced coffee in a local mall to escape the heat and put my cup (with coffee dregs) in my bag. It wasn’t till I got home I saw large coffee stains on the dress…managed to remove some of it! Juni got to wear the dress a few times…but it was a little small!



Winter Overalls

I wanted to make Juni something for Winter so here are my first pair of overalls!

I found this free pattern on Shwin&Shwin. It was for a newborn size so I had to enlarge it for 9 month to1 year. Once again I used covered buttons! It is along way to make the trip to Chinatown to find the perfect buttons, so covered buttons is a good option. I had fun hammering the snaps!


Goat dressNaCyNtHntZCx-586be460469b4ebebb692df5b5a9f7e5A-line Lined Denim Dress with Embroidered Goat

I found this sheep on Every Little Day blog which led me to Made by Joel website for the design. I loved the design and wanted to use it some how. So, because it is the year of the sheep I decided to make an A-line dress for Juni. I chose denim for a more casual look. It was not as easy to embroider on as linen and also I used a thicker thread which made it a bit more difficult! I still love covered embroidered buttons. I used snaps under the button so it can be reversable. I am pleased with the result! I will post this dress to Korea tomorrow with all my other recent creations.



Linen Ruffled Jacket

My daughter-in-law Janet pinned a similar ruffled jacket on her board. There was not a pattern avaliable but I found this jacket pattern on peak-a-boo. I made a few changes to the pattern so it would have a curved front. I matched one of my Japanese fabrics for the linning. I have never made ruffles before and learned that cutting the ruffle on the bias would prevent the fabric from fraying! I did not have any suitable buttons and didn’t want to do covered buttons. After looking around pinterest I decided to make rosettes for the first time. After trial and error I managed to make two that looked similar! I think they look good with the ruffle. I used the sew-on variety of snaps. This pattern is size 12 months so it will be a little big for Juni at the moment!



Juni out and about with mum an dad wearing the linen jacket!

Linen Dandelion Dress

I enjoyed combining linen and embroidery for this dress. I couldn’t find a pattern so I bought the yellow dress at the market and copied the style with a few changes. I removed the pleats from the front and added the bottons at the top. I found the dandelion picture on the internet and used Sticky Fabri-Solvey to transfer the dandelion. I embroidered dandelion seeds on the covered buttons. This is probably 9 months size and I was thinking it could used as a winter or summer outfit! Wait and see if it fits!


African Wax Cotton Dress

I was excited to make my first outfit with the African cotton. I found a pattern on smalldreamfactory blog and I used the 9 month size. I thought the arm holes would be too small so I made them a little bigger. Luckily I had some green cotton that matched so I used it as linning to make it reversible. I wanted to incoporperate some stitching so I embroidered on the lines of the covered buttons. I’m really please with the results so now I have to wait to see if it fits Juni!


African Wax Cotton Dress

Chatuchak market is large bustling market that I always managed to get lost in but I do discover new and interesting shops! A few weeks ago I rediscovered a fabric shop and bought some West African Wax Fabric from a lovely lady called Phorn. After I showed my friends (who already have a love affair with African fabric from their days of living in Africa) they wanted to visit this shop too! It was fun choosing more pieces with my friends. I was looking for fabrics for todder dresses and they were buying for table cloths, cushions and napkins! I wonder which one I will sew first!

Another epic fabric trip jostling the crowds in Sampeng Lane! I had linen on my mind so that became my focus. I started at the Ratchawong Road intersection and meandered through Sampeng Lane and finished at the China World Mall. I used Jill’s map sampeng2012 as my guide even though I know my way around my favourite shops now!

My first stop was The Fabric Centre #277. They have a great range of cotton fabric and everytime I visit I find something new!

On the corner of Mahachak & Sampeng Lane is Eung Hangkim with 100% Venus thread and much more! I bought 12 large spools of venus cotton for an overlocker that I hope to purchace soon!

Venus thread for overlocker

Venus thread for overlocker

Next stop was Venezia Italian Linen #131-133

Opposite Venezia was at SD Fabric #110-112 

Along further along on the right was Narita International with more linen and cotton.


I crossed the busy road Track Hua Mat until I reached Hong Garment Accessories #4. An amazing shop with a large variety of notions! I hope to embroider on linen with this thread someday! I bought some thread for an overlocker I plan to buy soon!


Finally I crossed the busy Chakrapet Road to the China World Mall. I rested in the air conditoned mall and cooled off with an iced coffee! Last stop was the Kimono House on the 2nd floor. I think this shop is fast becoming my favourite, packed with Japanese cotton and linen. A little more expensive than Sampeng Lane but worth it and if you hunt around you find unique pieces!