Firstly, thanks everyone for your encouragement and positive meant a lot! Nice to see you Heather & Neil and Helen and Ronga. Although we didn’t make enough money to wine and dine last night we had a blast! Preparing and setting up with Pete was team work from loading the car the night before so we could arrive at the site by 7:00 am to dismantling, packing up and heading home by 2:30 pm. On arrival we found our designated 3 metre X… Read more »

My sewing journey has been long but exciting from spending hours shopping in Chinatown and Chatuchuck market to sewing bags and pillows and clothes for Juni. With pillows and bags surrounding me I finally challenged myself and applied for a stall at the Little Big Market. On Tuesday I was accepted and now I only have one day left to get ready. It’s crazy to think how much you have to do to actually set up your stall before you even get to the market! I… Read more »

I loved this bright orange fabric…so Summery! I found this pattern on thestichingscientist. I had the ‘summer’ trim already from another trip to Chinatown. I wanted some orange buttons so I threw the dress in my bag on my next trip to Chinatown. I couldn’t find buttons I liked so I bought white snaps! Meanwhile I had an iced coffee in a local mall to escape the heat and put my cup (with coffee dregs) in my bag. It wasn’t till… Read more »

Winter Overalls I wanted to make Juni something for Winter so here are my first pair of overalls! I found this free pattern on Shwin&Shwin. It was for a newborn size so I had to enlarge it for 9 month to1 year. Once again I used covered buttons! It is along way to make the trip to Chinatown to find the perfect buttons, so covered buttons is a good option. I had fun hammering the snaps!  

A-line Lined Denim Dress with Embroidered Goat I found this sheep on Every Little Day blog which led me to Made by Joel website for the design. I loved the design and wanted to use it some how. So, because it is the year of the sheep I decided to make an A-line dress for Juni. I chose denim for a more casual look. It was not as easy to embroider on as linen and also I used a thicker thread which… Read more »

Linen Ruffled Jacket My daughter-in-law Janet pinned a similar ruffled jacket on her board. There was not a pattern avaliable but I found this jacket pattern on peak-a-boo. I made a few changes to the pattern so it would have a curved front. I matched one of my Japanese fabrics for the linning. I have never made ruffles before and learned that cutting the ruffle on the bias would prevent the fabric from fraying! I did not have any suitable buttons… Read more »

Linen Dandelion Dress I enjoyed combining linen and embroidery for this dress. I couldn’t find a pattern so I bought the yellow dress at the market and copied the style with a few changes. I removed the pleats from the front and added the bottons at the top. I found the dandelion picture on the internet and used Sticky Fabri-Solvey to transfer the dandelion. I embroidered dandelion seeds on the covered buttons. This is probably 9 months size and I was thinking it could used as a… Read more »

African Wax Cotton Dress I was excited to make my first outfit with the African cotton. I found a pattern on smalldreamfactory blog and I used the 9 month size. I thought the arm holes would be too small so I made them a little bigger. Luckily I had some green cotton that matched so I used it as linning to make it reversible. I wanted to incoporperate some stitching so I embroidered on the lines of the covered buttons. I’m really please… Read more »

Chatuchak market is large bustling market that I always managed to get lost in but I do discover new and interesting shops! A few weeks ago I rediscovered a fabric shop and bought some West African Wax Fabric from a lovely lady called Phorn. After I showed my friends (who already have a love affair with African fabric from their days of living in Africa) they wanted to visit this shop too! It was fun choosing more pieces with my friends. I was looking… Read more »