My sewing journey has been long but exciting from spending hours shopping in Chinatown and Chatuchuck market to sewing bags and pillows and clothes for Juni. With pillows and bags surrounding me I finally challenged myself and applied for a stall at the Little Big Market. On Tuesday I was accepted and now I only have one day left to get ready. It’s crazy to think how much you have to do to actually set up your stall before you even get to the market! I woke really early on Wednesday morning so I made use of the time and sewed 3 banners to add to the one I made earlier. Never thought I would ever be making these!

4 banners

Today we bought a table from Mitre 10 so I set up a mock stall in the dinning room with 2 ladders, 2 chests, a rug and a couple of chairs. I wonder what it will look like in the stall?

3 metres X 3 metres stall size


Pillows and Bags

Treasure chest filled with  African Wax fabric cushions

Pom pom and vintage Thai trim cushions










Fabric painted vegetable and fruit prints

small medium large

shopping for produce

set of 3


Next update….Saturday market day!!












4 thoughts on “Little Big Market Preparation

  1. Rachel Mills

    Wow, I’m blown away with how gorgeous all your work looks. You have a great eye Jeanette. Beautiful stuff. Now how can I get to your market from Bkk in less than 24 hours…
    Would love to be there! Best of luck!


  2. Kim

    Gorgeous and inspiring! Can’t wait to hear about market day! Thanks for sharing your photos and beautiful creations!


    1. jeanette Post author

      Thanks Kim! I do enjoy creating things…just like doing an art lesson in First Grade!!!


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