Firstly, thanks everyone for your encouragement and positive meant a lot! Nice to see you Heather & Neil and Helen and Ronga. Although we didn’t make enough money to wine and dine last night we had a blast! Preparing and setting up with Pete was team work from loading the car the night before so we could arrive at the site by 7:00 am to dismantling, packing up and heading home by 2:30 pm. On arrival we found our designated 3 metre X 3 metre plot and proceeded to assemble our pop-up gazebo with a little help from our neighbours. We were not in the main drag but there were enough people wandering up and down our way.

We are 2nd from the left.

Gazebo up!


Pete settling into his chair!


Getting ready for business!



Ladder with sets of 3 reusable bags.

Oranges, feijoas and potatoes in bags as an example!





Our first customers!


I learned something during this first sale. Instead of having the sets together I should have them separated so customers can choose the designs and colours they like. This lady enjoyed looking through them and choosing her own. I guess the choice makes the experience a bit more personal. So from that moment I separated the sets and made 3 piles of 3 different sizes.

How to Make or Not Make a Sale

There must be a knack in hooking people in for a sale, because as Pete said, “It’s like fishing, there are plenty of fish out there but you’ve still got to hook them in!” For example, how to you judge or sense how to relate to potential customers? Do you eyeball and smile, or do you say Hi, Hello, How are you?, Isn’t it a lovely day? If they stop and linger, how long do you wait before they speak or do you initiate a conversation? Do you move or change your display? Do you make your prices cheaper? It’s feels like a game.


Anyway, as the day went on I started to feel quite comfortable chatting and approaching people. Nothing to lose. Still, it was not easy to get people to part with their money! I sense most people are wandering around to look at everything first before they dive in and buy …at least that is what I do! The lady next door who was selling gemstone pendants and crystals was super busy and she wasn’t even trying. $$$ The other couple who were selling oil lamps told us that they didn’t sell anything on their first market day. And the woman next to them only sold one handbag. So there is a science to these craft markets. But surprisingly I really enjoyed it even though sales were slow. The conversations with other sellers and customers made for a fun day.

Not sure where to next but I was pleased to have tried something new and different. Guess what everyone’s getting for Christmas? Ha ha!

All’s not lost. We played golf today and I broke 100 for the first time in NZ with 93 beating Pete by one…maybe I’ll go on tour?





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